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Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 81

We feel that Leslie will support and fight for the issues that will help benefit not only the 1,400 union members that make up our local, but also all the working families in our State.

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Marnie Hastings

ICSD Speech Teacher (LACS)

I have been friends with Leslie for many years and have seen her tenacity and persistence when it comes to her family, her friends and her community. Leslie is someone you can turn to if you need a hand, who always comes through in a pinch and is a steadfast friend. Her intensity is an asset to her work, her humor is an asset to her friendships and her desire for positive change will be an asset to her constituents. Leslie is never one to back down from a challenge, confronting the hard issues head on. If I could vote for Leslie, I would without hesitation. She will make an excellent leader in the County Legislature. 

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Adriana Rovers

Utica St resident

As my neighbor for many years, I've known Leslie to be resourceful, empathetic, and a person of integrity. She has the skills and experience to be a powerful advocate for our community.


Molly and David Hajjar

Auburn St residents

Leslie Schill is the right person for the Tompkins County Legislature. Leslie has the skills, experience and forward-thinking mindset to meet this moment of dynamic change and growth for our community in the areas of health, housing, public safety, inclusion and supporting a sustainable environment.

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Mitch Glass

Wait Ave resident

Leslie's thoughtful platform speaks to the issues that are important to me and my family - community health and welfare, affordable housing, the environment, and holistic planning that supports equity and inclusion. She has a proven track record of collaboration and success at the county, local, and institutional level which she can leverage for actionable change moving forward. I gladly endorse Leslie for the County Legislature.


Scott Whitham

Linn St resident

Principal, Whitham Planning & Design

Her leadership yielded real change, and she was able to balance collaborators’ interests with action in a way that translates naturally to a legislative role. I fully support Leslie’s run for Legislature.

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Robert Steuteville

Utica St resident

I know Leslie as a neighbor and an urban planner. Her professional experience with the county and    Cornell would bring a much-needed perspective to Tompkins County Legislature. Leslie is a person of high energy, integrity, and ability who will make a very strong and hard working legislator. I strongly endorse Leslie Schill.

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Tom King

Linn St resident

Leslie has the work and life experience necessary to do a great job representing our district to the county. In particular, having work at the county she understands how it works. Being a property owner and active parent she knows what families need.


Josephine Martell

Former Common Council Member

Leslie’s generosity and commitment to her community is evident in her ongoing efforts to help her neighbors during, and well before, the pandemic, her willingness to have difficult conversations to move issues forward, her drive to seek consensus among diverse stakeholders, and in the many creative solutions she has worked tirelessly on with community members and officials on planning issues for our community.


Dan Cogan

Chief of Staff, City of Ithaca

I am excited to be supporting Leslie Schill for Tompkins County Legislature. She is incredibly smart, has a deep understanding of county government, and brings a clear vision on how to address the needs for every person and family in our community. 


Deb Mohlenhoff 

Auburn St resident

City of Ithaca Ward 5 Alderperson

As the City representative for the 5th Ward, it is important to me that we have a collaborative relationship with our County legislature. Leslie Schill has experience navigating complex government systems, a balanced approach to affordable housing and development, and a keen focus on public health. The City and the County have some challenging times ahead with the recovery from the pandemic and new public safety initiatives. We will need strong partnership and a commitment to shared governance to accomplish this. Leslie is a proven leader and has the knowledge, expertise, and drive to serve in this capacity and I wholeheartedly endorse her for the Tompkins County Legislature.

Martha Robertson

Tompkins County Legislator

I was so impressed with the focus on public health – broadly defined – in Leslie’s platform. Robust protection and vaccination against COVID-19 are a given, but her vision expands to include mental health, racial injustice, strong public schools, environmental health and safety, affordable housing, economic well-being, and childcare – all areas where she will fight for progress.


A mom of two kids in the public schools, Leslie has been “walking the walk,” actually getting things done for the community. Schill has what it takes to be a terrific legislator and advocate for all the residents of District 2.


Svante Myrick

Mayor, City of Ithaca

There is a special election for the County legislature! We are so lucky that Leslie Schill is running. If you don't yet know her please check her out because she has been doing the hard, quiet work of fighting for progress behind the scenes for years.

I've seen first hand her diligence and brilliance while serving on one planning committee after another. It is not always glamorous work, and many people skip it, but Leslie leans into it because she knows that is where progress is made.

And I believe her commitment to public health will benefit City residents during this pandemic and beyond. It is rare to get someone willing to step up who has so much experience delivering progress and bending the existing system toward justice. Check out Leslie Schill for Legislature!