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Leslie Schill

Tompkins County

District 2

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Proud to be your County Legislator!


  • Progressive Democrat​

  • Long-time Fall Creek Resident invested in the community

  • Working parent who understands the importance of strong neighborhoods and schools

  • Professional Municipal and Campus Planner with 20 years work experience, including the Tompkins County Planning Department

  • Seasoned Leader with management and budget experience


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Committed to ensuring we have a 

Healthy Community

Leslie pledges to:

  • Take a PUBLIC HEALTH FIRST APPROACH, advocating for COVID vaccination clinics and messaging, plus expanding access to mental health and personal wellbeing care

  • SUPPORT FAMILIES and their needs: expand childcare options, nutrition and youth programs

  • DEVELOP AFFORDABLE, QUALITY HOUSING, building on her history of successful collaboration and leadership on the Community Housing Development Fund 

  • GROW OUR ECONOMY: encourage investment in our small businesses and innovative workforce development initiatives, working with our community college and local labor unions

  • ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP:  advancing climate action, creating great parks and open spaces, and protecting water quality

  • REIMAGINE PUBLIC SAFETY AND POLICING: creating a community-public safety partnership to define a new approach to safe and equitable emergency response


  • Promote GOOD GOVERNMENT WITH PROGRESSIVE POLICIES: transparent, responsive, inclusive and accessible

  • Propose a COUNTY STRATEGIC PLAN: unify our vision to ensure effective polices and funding 

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